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Supplier of automotive components

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Supplier of components for the automotive industry

Especially for our customers in the automotive industry, we offer a range of comprehensive services. We will design components, produce them in serial and in lean terms – and we will take care of installation and service.

+ Design

We have extensive experience in the field of CAD and CAE, which help us plan and calculate particularly complex modular components.

+ Serial production

Also in the field of serial production we guarantee high flexibility. Therefore, even in cases of large quantity of elements, we can still manufacture tailor-made components.

+ Lean Production

Our lean production processes allow us to obtain an optimal level of performance and processing.

+ Timely production

Thanks to optimized production processes and flow of materials, we can provide just-in-time production and delivery in coordination with our customers.

+ Installation and service

We do initial installation and commissioning of individual components. We also offer packaging and spare parts services.

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