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Competence in steel - since 1961

Milestones in the company's history


Founding of Henschel in Antwerp, Belgium

TELEMOND’s history began in 1961 in Antwerp, Belgium: Entrepreneur Henschel Kassel founded the Henschel company, which dealt with the production of aluminum vehicles for the army.

After the dissolution of the Henschel Group, Henschel Engineering NV became part of Thyssen Rheinstahl.


Management buyout

In 1990, Henschel Engineering was bought by CEO Reiner Maas and Ackermans & Van Haaren and became a private investment group.

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Founding of Henschel Engineering NV

In 1973, Henschel Engineering released the chassis for commercial vehicles to the market.

Since 1982, Henschel Engineering has specialized in maintenance and production of containers, as well as production of components for mobile cranes.


Founding of TELESKOP SP. z o.o.

TELESKOP Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2002 in Kostrzyn to manufacture steel structures for the mobile crane industry.

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Founding of MONTEL SP. z o.o.

MONTEL Sp. z. o.o. was founded in 2008 to produce lattice structures for crawler cranes.

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